I Love Brick

Brick is a wonderful and attractive exterior for a home. It is durable and mostly maintenance free. Over time some issues develop with water continually splashing on the bottom rows of bricks allowing conditions like this to develop. Just imagine how many hours of scrubbing it would take to restore the wall to its original condition. With our specialized equipment, we make short work of getting the job done right. Look at how everything just disappears in the path of the tool.

Years of grime, grit, growth and goop are cleaned and lifted out of the brick and mortar. In this case, the wall was spot cleaned only in the affected area. Look how well it blends into the untouched part of the wall!

What is especially important?

There is NO damage to the brick. There is NO damage to the mortar. There is NO discoloration from acids or cleaning products. There is NO mess from pressure washing or chemicals all over the ground creating a secondary cleaning project before you call it a day. All the foreign materials have been removed and the brick restored to like new. Doggone good!

Brick isn't just for the exterior of the home. You may have a brick wall or a brick floor inside your home like this one. We clean them all!!

Let us help you create lasting first impressions with truly clean hard surfaces where you take the most pride whether in your home or your place of business.