Concrete Driveway

A concrete driveway seems to be the most popular choice in Houston. You can't beat the durability of concrete and I've yet to see one turn soft in the hot sunlight. We give these driveways a real workout with oil, grease, gasoline, tires and all things automotive. We pretty much get used to them looking filthy but sometimes break down and get out a pressure washer to clean off what we can. Pressure washing can be good although results can vary. If you get careless or aggressive, permanent damage can be done to the surface. After cleaning this driveway I discovered extensive previously existing pressure washer damage. There is a separate section here on the website showing the damage that can happen if not done correctly.

What a Difference!

Look at the difference we made with this driveway! It was old, worn and BLACK. Our specialized, patented technology was able to penetrate the grime, grit, growth and goop and remove it. Because of the previous damage, it was a bit more challenging requiring extra attention at times but the results were spectacular. The driveway is still old and worn, but it isn't black anymore. Doggone Good! Doggone Good Hard Surface Restoration We service the area of: The Woodlands, Spring, Kingwood, Cypress, Houston

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