Frequently Asked Questions

Do you move furniture?

Yes, but mostly no. We ask that you move as much as you can out of the work area. Larger items, such as sofas, will be moved back and forth as needed during the cleaning process. We can move a hutch but not if mom's precious china is in it. This is so we don't accidentally damage your possessions.

Do you steam clean?

Steam cleaning is a term often misused. Our process is three fold using hot water.

  1. We apply an emulsifier to the entire surface area of the tile and grout
  2. We agitate the grout lines, as needed, so the emulsifier penetrates the crud and softens it.
  3. We then power clean the entire surface with a specialized tool that blasts away with hot water under high pressure that is sucked up simultaneously with a powerful vacuum. It would look like we were merely damp mopping the surface if you didn't see the clean trail behind the tool.

Do you do natural stone polishing?

Yes, we do. There are times we can use sealers and buff the surface to bring out a nice glow and there are times when we need to hone the surface down and then use progressive pads to restore the finish to the proper level. We would need to look at the condition of the stone to determine what is needed and then make the appropriate recommendations.

Do you only do residential?

We love working for residential customers whether they are moving into a new home, moving out of a home or just cleaning years of crud out of the grout lines.

We also work in commercial settings whether it is the hotel lobby, the office space or even the warehouse. We have a variety of products to protect the surfaces as well as a durable hard shine that can last for years saving on maintenance and waxing costs.

Exterior hard surfaces such as decks, landings, stairs, and patios are areas we clean and seal, residential or commercial,

Can you get pet odors out of grout and/or natural stone?

Our standard process usually removes pet odors. Sealants can also help.

Do you give free estimates?

Of course. We prefer to look at the work area, discuss what you would like to achieve, make the appropriate recommendations with options that may apply, and then give you an estimate for your consideration.

Does someone have to be home during the service?

You do not need to be home while we are working. Many of our customers have lockboxes, hide a key, give us a garage code or just let us in and then go to work. As long as we have a way to contact you should we have a question, it is entirely up to you if you are there. If you prefer to be there, the process is mildly inconvenient as we progress with the process around the house. Many people work remotely in their study while we are working or just watch TV in the bedroom.