The whole reason we get into a tub or a shower is to get clean, isn't it? Don't we always feel a little uneasy getting into a tub or a shower that is coated with hard to remove soap scum? What about mildew in the corners - or growing under the caulk? Is it possible to do something about it? Yes, it is. We can use our methods and equipment to clean and restore that shower and tub area. We don't stop with simply cleaning it though. If we need to, we'll remove that old caulk and get the mildew growing behind it. We can do some minor grout repairs and then after we get things clean, we can apply 100% silicone caulk with a mildew inhibitor to keep that mildew from growing on the caulk for several years. When we are done, we can apply a clear sealant to protect those grout lines against water penetration and future staining. Sometimes, even with out fantastic processes, we can't get out all of the old and really deep stains. Does this mean we can't make your tile look great? No, we can still solve that problem. We can apply a color sealant on the grout which penetrates and seals over the grout leaving a nice even color and easy to clean surface. Enjoy the pictures below. We're always happy to answer any questions you have and would be pleased to transform your tub or shower into something you feel good getting into to get clean.

White Tile Shower Stall

Is this your shower? I hope not, but was a real situation and a real challenge to restore. We had some severe mildew and thick soap residue to penetrate and finally ended up with a shower stall that not only looked great but was inviting to use.

Natural Stone Shower Stall

You have all seen it. You scrub for all you are worth and you still can't seem to make any progress toward getting up all that goop on the shower floor and those pesky corners. Our systems take care of that for you. We clean it all out, recaulk as needed, and then seal the stone and grout with a specialized sealer made just for those marble and granite surfaces.

Man Made Shower Stall

You would have thought this would be one of the easier materials to keep clean. It was virtually smooth - but not quite. There was a subtle texture to it and despite best efforts and store bought chemicals, the dirt and stains kept on sticking. We were able to clean out the dirt and stains. We also removed all the old caulking and replaced it with 100% white silicone caulking with a mildew inhibitor so the mildew wouldn't grow back.

Let us help you create lasting first impressions with truly clean hard surfaces where you take the most pride whether in your home or your place of business.