Slate is a fabulous material for floors.

It is hard and has a rugged appearance. Some slate has more natural colors than others. Some slate is quite smooth and some has a very textured surface. This texture can really hold on to the soils and grime that occur and after time, we can even forget what it originally looked like. We may even think the slate really is the dark and drab color we have become accustomed to. It is NOT necessary to keep it that way. Our technology and methods can lift years of soil and grime away from the surface restoring that original, clean look with the color variations you fell in love with when you first got it.

But there is more.........

We can enhance your stone to make it even more attractive than it ever was! We can give a wet, lustrous look with no shine or we can give it a rich semi or high gloss appearance. And the bonus? Whether you choose wet and lustrous or glossy, your slate is now protected against dirt and stains and is easier to maintain and keep clean. Take a look at some of these pictures.

Let us help you create lasting first impressions with truly clean hard surfaces where you take the most pride whether in your home or your place of business.